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Unbeknownst to the general public of the entire world, a threat of extraterrestrial proportions looms menacingly over the Earth’s atmosphere.

All of the major military generals of every major country are baffled at the gigantic wolf-shaped aerial vessel that hovers motionless, occasionally blocking out the moon.

Major heat signatures of smaller aerodynamic structures are detected within what seems like a mothership. Those heat signatures are deemed as operational aircraft or UFOs of some sort.

Further investigation uncovered the threat to indeed be wolf-like creatures of extreme intelligence, strength, and military might.

To respond to this impending threat, all of the major counties of the world launch a joint initiative to begin a massive world-scale Animal Evolution Acceleration (AEA) program.

Deeming human combat against the identified wolf aliens as inhumane and basically sending solders on suicide missions, the Animal Evolution Acceleration (AEA) program was quickly adopted for the world's countries to pick animals to accelerate their evolutions, to turn them into super soldiers to fight on Earth's behalf.

The US decided to accelerate the evolution of the Wolf, beginning by capturing 50% of the entire worldwide wolf ecosystem population, bringing them to labs for experimentation, biological enhancement, and evolution acceleration.

While the Animal Evolution Acceleration (AEA) program is underway, individual companies learn about the Wolf Aliens and info about them gets leaked, so people, interest groups, and conspiracy theorists worldwide try to make contact with the aliens. Suddenly, worldwide, seemingly in response to the contact and communication attempts, the Wolf Aliens have released a digital program to infect all of Earth's digital and internet systems in the form of self-aware digital entities that exist in the form of collections of highly unique NFTs and NFT combinations of which the world has never seen before; the program is detected to have infected first and foremost multiple blockchains specifically leaving the world confused as to what the Wolf Aliens hope to accomplish by doing so, the Werewolf Digital Program has reached us at last!! Earth's digital and internet programs are detecting major activity in the form of INCOMING NFTs!


The Wicked Werewolf Pack is an NFT & staking project that provides passive income with low gas fees. There will be multi seasons after season one is finished but participating in the first season will give you many perks and advantages over newcomers.

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Phase 1

◉ Creating the project's accounts for Discord and Twitter.
◉ Begin building the WWP community.
◉ Creating the project's ERC20 smart contract and deploying it.
◉ Building the project's website.
◉ Finalize the roadmap selection.
◉ Giving away the ERC20 tokens for the community winners – this will continue until the end of the first phase.
◉ Collaborating with other projects to raise public awareness of our project.
◉ Finishing the project's artwork.
◉ Creating and deploying the project's NFT smart contract.
◉ Creating and deploying the project's staking smart contract.

Phase 2

◉ Announcing the launch date of the project.
◉ Starting the public sale for the first mint.
◉ Revealing the project's NFT collection.
❍ Allowing NFTs staking through the project's website – once 5K supply has been reached.
❍ Starting the second mint for the rest of the NFTs by $LYCN tokens.


Phase 3

◉ Releasing our on-chain raffles smart contract.
❍ Start working on the project art for the collections that will fight against the WWP NFTs.
❍ Releasing the new collections which can only be minted with $LYCN tokens.
❍ Deploying the game's smart contracts to the Polygon blockchain.
Allowing the NFTs owners to start gaming through our website.


The project NFT (non-fungible token) minting process will be split into two phases.


Everyone will be able to mint from the first half of the project's NFTs through our website (5K NFTs).

All $LYCN holders will get 25% discount on their first mint transaction, enter the $LYCN contract address 0x39aFD8A79EBd3d2Cc7866Ee50257C863402deFF0 into the discount form before making your purchase.

The maximum amount of NTFs that can be minted per transaction is 10 NFTs.


The second half of the project's NFTs can be only minted by the $LYCN coin tokens (fungible token) which can be earned by staking any of the project's NFTs.

The project's NFTs holders will be able to stake and unstake their NFTs through our website to earn $LYCN tokens.

Minting the second half of NFTs with $LYCN tokens will be through the website, and the NFTs minted with $LYCN can be also staked to increase your $LYCN earning.

Whenever someone mints any of the project's NFTs it will show up at Opensea marketplace, and when any NFTs is staked it will not be shown at Opensea for the whole staking period, once the staked NFT is unstaked by its holder will show up at Opensea marketplace again.


How to earn passive income by staking the project's NFTs and a short summary about how that works.

Anyone who stakes any of the project's NFTs will be able to earn $LYCN tokens. Staking is optional and whether the NFT's holder chooses to participate in the staking phase of the project or not is up to to the NFT holder.
$LYCN tokens can be swapped with any coin/token on QuickSwap. Also By adding liquidity you'll earn 0.25% of all trades on this pair proportional to your share of the pool. Fees are added to the pool, accrue in real-time, and can be claimed by withdrawing your liquidity at any time.

After staking any of the project's NFTs; the owner of the staked NFT can withdraw the staking reward through our website at any time, however, unstaking the NFT can be requested only after 3 days from the time the NFT was staked.


➦ The project is backed by its own ERC20 utility tokens ($LYCN).

➦ Allows NFT staking to earn $LYCN for minting free NFTs and more.

➦ Many of the project's decisions will be made through community voting.

➦ Has great 2D digital artwork (not pixelated) created by well-known digital artist.

➦ Our website will be the staking platform for our project.

➦ Offers pre-release and after-sale giveaways contests.


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